Eye Spy Yellowstone: Big Book

Is Arranged by AREA for advance planning, and is all about the 100's of Activities, Eating, and Lodging in Yellowstone National Park. It also has maps for everything: bathroom, gas, picnic, village, and even an animal location map.

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Eye Spy Yellowstone: Pathfinder Book

Is arranged by SUBJECT and is a take-with-you-everywhere book. Spiral Bound so you can fold it back, making it easier to carry and write on. Use the Pathfinder book to guide you from one adventure to another, while tracking your treasure finds to earn cetificates.

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About Us

Eye Spy Trips LLC is the brainchild of sisters, Donna Collier and Sue Zwygart. Both are grandmothers who began bringing their children, and then grandchildren, to national parks in the 1980’s. While the many trips to the parks were always fantastic, there was a recurring disappointment at learning that a priceless opportunity had been missed, just because no one knew about it. There were frustrating moments at being caught in the middle of “who knew where” with children who needed to go to the restroom, or were hungry. Both women realized there were precious opportunities for children to learn things they would probably never get anywhere else.

With the underlying belief that “learning should be fun,” they decided to create a user-friendly, learning adventure program for families traveling to Parks. They determined to put all of the information in one place that would be needed to plan and execute the most amazing family trip anyone had ever had. One section of the books will always be arranged by AREA, and have all there is about Activities, Eating, and Lodging. They will also include an Accessible Section and have lots of color coded maps for everything. The Pathfinder section is arranged by subject and will either be in the same book or be a separate book, with animal tracks to fill in when you find the treasures. Certificates with avatars are earned for different levels of accomplishments.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide a unique way for people to visit one of our National Parks and find everything there is to see and do, and learn as much as they can about our Earth, in a FUN way. So that going to one of the National Parks is a life changing event.

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